Welcome to Murrieta!

Murietta is a vibrant community located in the heart of Southern California. The city has a population of nearly 114,000, a median age of 34, a median household income of $105,000, and is recognized as one of the safest cities in the nation.

Just as the search for better pastures brought Juan Murrieta and his family to this Valley many years ago, so has the same search ended for thousands in recent years. Since the late 1980s, families have arrived in droves searching for better quality of life away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Murrieta incorporated in 1991, officially becoming a city with a mere 43,000 residents calling home. But the small town would see tremendous growth in 25 years, and now boasts a population of nearly 114,000 residents.

Once part of San Diego County, Murrieta has now become one of the largest cities in Riverside County. Part of Murrieta’s success for so many years is it is centrally located between San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and greater Riverside.

An hour from everything, you can literally find yourself up in the mountains enjoying the crisp chill of a morning jaunt in the snow, and then watch the warm glow of Southern California sunset blanket the beach after a long afternoon and still be home in time for dinner— all in one day.

Many of Murrietans well educated residents are able to commute to metropolitan areas such as downtown San Diego and Irvine to work at high in technology companies. Though commuting to work is not an ideal situation for many families, the opportunity is at least there. And many residents of Murrieta enjoy a high income level and good quality of life as a result.

Murietta residents for the most part can be categorized as young, active and educated. With a median age of 34 and a good chance of the person you’re sitting next to at the local restaurant has a college degree, Murrietans enjoy a higher quality of life. And nowhere is that more evident than in the city’s public safety.

For years now Murrieta has been considered one of the FBI’s top 10 safest cities in the United States with the police force that is well educated and well staffed including the departments four-legged officers. Murrieta has more police dogs on staff than most other departments its size.

Marietta’s fire department continues to decrease the response times and always takes a proactive approach to having the best equipment and training on hand to better serve the residents.

This year retail is booming in Murietta more than ever. An upscale Barons Market opened earlier this year, and one of the largest Carmax locations is currently under construction. A new hotel of the last year and two more hotels are under construction, which is sure to bring even more people to the city’s annual events.

Marietta is quickly becoming the recent medical hub. Loma Linda University just celebrated the five-year anniversary of Phase I of its 50-acre medical campus. Their hospital medical and office building is an anchor for the I–215 office and research park, which is now seeing the growth of more healthcare facilities.

Kaiser Permanente recently held a groundbreaking for their medical campus, which is a huge benefit for the many subscribers in the area. HealthSouth will soon start construction on a brain rehabilitation hospital—both in the same tech corridor.

Rancho Springs Medical Center expanded their facility to include a women’s center and neonatal intensive care unit. And the Rady Children’s Hospital from San Diego continues to expand with a new medical office that will be under construction later this year.

Murrieta has three state-of-the-art high schools and a new science and technology magnet school. These schools boast a world-class band, several high-tech robotics teams, and a school of broadcasting that rivals that of any college campus— just some of the amenities you will find in Murrieta’s public schools.

High test scores and high graduation rates are a given in this community, and parent involvement is not even a question. Some parents might even tell you that they moved to Marietta just to afford one parent staying home and focusing on the kids.

Murrieta recently opened and renovated the Murrieta Innovation Center— a business incubator focused on growing and encouraging startup technology companies focused on healthcare. The Innovation Center is quickly becoming the entrepreneurial hub of the region, bringing together the many areas of an innovation ecosystem.

The technology incubator is just one of the many ways Murrieta striving to encourage business within the city. With a focus on customer service and finding solutions to issues with their very helpful business ombudsman service, Murrieta strives to be as business friendly as possible.